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Interracial dating trends

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It is important to point out that gender is one of the determining factors of interracial dating trends. Caucasian females are least likely to date Asian men, whilst white males in the U.S tend to be least attracted to female African American's. With all the choice and online dating niches available for today's singles , cross cultural online dating is one niche that remains untapped and according to statisticians will remain that way due to a lack of potential demand. Trends in the online dating scene strongly indicate that singles prefer to pursue romance within their own domain.

Whist these trends are a generalization, it is not uncommon to see happy interracial couples who have blended their traditions, and if you are one of those people who prefer to date outside your race, we have compiled some tips to help facilitate your non traditional dating experiences.

The diehards: Staunch traditionalists cannot conceive or tolerate the idea of their children interbreeding. This mentality can be aligned with religion, or strong influences from previous less racial tolerant generations. Up until 1967, U.S law prohibited marriage outside of ones race. Whilst there is still alot to do, interracial dating and marriage is far more acceptable in main stream society than previously with current trends slowly dissolving steadfast views.

Individually, many people strive for the acceptance of personal choice, however our choices and decisions are still heavily determined by outside influences such as friends and family. Open racial dating is something that needs to be supported in current times of global unrest as combining traditions sets the scene to better understand divided races.

The media should also shoulder much of the blame for our divisive society. It's far easier and financially viable for advertisers, television/radio networks and newspaper publications to cater for the general audience than it is to introduce media campaigns targeting individual ethnic groups.

To give you an idea of the marriage statistics when it comes to interracial dating and marriage, we have compiled some interesting statistics based on the 2008 U.S census results:

Black husbands: Married 310,000 white women - Married 4,190,000 black women - Married 39,700 Asian women. White husbands: Married 55,399,200 white women - Married 137,000 black women - Married 713,000 Asian women. Asian husbands: Married 193,000 white women - Married 8400 black women - Married 2,790,000 Asian women.

Thanks to modern technologies, the internet is also contributing to more interracial dating and marriages. For singles with the desire to form relationships outside their race, online dating sites provide this opportunity. Determining and recognizing opportunities offline together with constant negative influences, online dating sites will take you directly to those looking for foreign lovers.

Dating someone of a foreign background will also cause people to stare when you are out in public. Whilst this may seem offensive and off putting, there is every chance these looker-on's are intrigued and fascinated. See this as your opportunity and contribution to show the world that we are all of one race, the human race.

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