African American Wedding Reception

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Ethiopia Singles The African American wedding is not your average wedding; it still carries the African traditions and heritage into the wedding ceremony and all other wedding events. Ethiopian and African women from worldwide seek men for dating and marriage.

African American Wedding Reception

The African American wedding is not your average wedding; it still carries the African traditions and heritage into the wedding ceremony and all other wedding events. Some features are however typical of the all American wedding but the African American wedding has distinct features that are hard to miss.

The wedding reception is usually an elaborate, radiant and spectacular affair where the bride and the groom are formally received for the first time as husband and wife by their friends and family. It is mostly a very glamorous affair. When planning their wedding reception, couples should not only consider their personal styles and preferences but they should also think about the possibilities of making their reception memorable and should leave a legacy if possible.

Color is what sets apart an African American wedding from other weddings. The best ways to portray this heritage is in the wedding dresses and in the decorations used at the reception. Colors that spark interest and nostalgia are the biggest trends now. Choose colors that will dazzle your guests. The color white is standard in all weddings. Choosing white that has a shimmering effect for your decorations will give a finished look to your wedding and will be heralded as a sign of respect for tradition.

The centerpiece is an integral part of any wedding. Ii was holds down the wedding and is usually placed in the centre of a reception hall. What the centerpiece will be remains the prerogative of the bride and groom. They decide what message they want to convey. More and more couples are choosing ice sculptures as centerpieces for their receptions. On wedding tables, centerpieces can be in the form of flower arrangements or the wedding favors that the guests are to take away with them.

The jumping over the broom ceremony is found in almost all African American weddings; it is a distinguishing factor. It is a tradition that originated from African American slaves and is a symbol that the newly weds are sweeping bad luck and unhappiness away as well as leaping together into married life. This ceremony is sometimes performed at the wedding reception so as to retain the purity of the wedding ceremony itself. As a symbol to signify families of both the bride and the groom, it is suggested that ribbons are tied around the broom handle. The actual action of jumping over the broom can be done at any point during the reception. It is up to the bride and the groom and their wedding planner to decide. A good time though is just before cutting the wedding cake.

The wedding favor is of great and special importance in an African American wedding. Guests at these weddings are responsible for their transport expenses, therefore giving them a favor as an appreciation for attending the wedding makes the trip worth it. Whatever the wedding favor, it should represent the faith of the new couple and their appreciation to their guests. Favors are usually placed as part of centerpieces or at a table on the doors of the venue and each guest receive one as they leave.

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